Elscint recently supplied ten numbers of large linear vibrators for bulk feeding of food grains at a bulk flow rate as high as 8 tonnes per hour. Elscint used its Model Elscint IV linear vibrator, having 330 VA rating for this application and fabricated a stainless steel tray of size 300 mm (W) x 630 mm (L) for this application. The special design of the Elscint Linear Vibrator makes is most suitable for feeding of bulk powders as it is totally covered, ensuring that powders do not get into the coil and the construction of the linear vibrator. This further ensures smooth feeding without any problem. Further, the coil is totally encapsulated. Linear Vibrators can be provided for tray sizes from as small as 4 mm width x 100 mm (L) to 350 mm (W) x 1200 mm (L). Accordingly suitable model of linear vibrator can be selected from Elscint’s wide repertoire of Models, namely I to VII.

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