Elscint recently completed two bowl feeders for feeding of very small curved chain links in 4 outlets each from each of these two bowl feeders at a speed of 180 chain links per minute per row. The chain links were required in same direction for both the bowl feeders. The weight of the chain links, being curved, was on one side and hence getting the required speed was possible in case of one bowl feeder. However, in case of the other bowl feeder, the weight being on the other side, the speed was much less. Hence, Elscint made a total of 8 rows and converged two rows into a single row, ensuring the required speed. The chain links were having thickness of just 0.6 mm and hence, proper tooling was made to ensure that they do not overlap and jam. Proper overflow arrangement was also provided for both the bowl feeders. . Another requirement of the customer was a 300 mm straight portion at the end of the bowl, attached to the bowl feeder. This too was provided with a top acrylic cover to ensure that there is not jamming. Elscint used its Model 400 with an outer track bowl. The total diameter of the bowl was dia 850 mm.

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