Elscinthas developed a special vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of flat drippers used in drip irrigation. These are made of plastic. These drippers have a highly critical orientation, the convex side has to face up. Due to this orientation and the flat parts, the speed which can be achieved is limited. However, in the special bowl developed, Elscint could achieve a speed of 200 parts per minute in the correct orientation with no jamming and stoppages and not even a single wrongly oriented component coming out. Elscint did the orientation at two places and again at the third place, it was reconfirmed. Due to this, the chances of a wrongly oriented component coming out was reduced to zero. Additionally, Elscint provided a stand for mounting the bowl feeder and an elevator feeder for extra loading capacity. Elscint used Model 400 with a cast aluminium bowl for this application. The bowl was coated with Elscinthane polyurethane coating and the tooling was made in stainless steel.

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