Every equipment requires an electrical panel, that is also true for feeding systems like vibratory bowl feeders, centrifugal feeders as well as special purpose machines. If you order only a vibratory bowl feeder, you will usually only get a standard controller which can vary the speed of the vibratory feeder with the help of a potentiometer. An example of this type of controller is Model EP5V (6 Amps rating) and Model EP4V (3 Amps rating).  In fact, these are suitable for Linear vibrators where the requirement of switching on / off does not arise as it works continuously.

Higher end controllers can have a provision for soft / fast ramp as well as provision to take zero potentio free contact to switch off the vibrator. Model E5FC is an example of this. It is very stable controller of European make, which has a potentiometer and comes either as a PCB for mounting in the customer panel or else in a box

Elscint also offers digital controllers, namely, ED5V (6 Amps) and ED10V (10 Amps). These have a lot of features, which include taking feedback from a sensor to switch on / off the bowl feeder as well as to start / stop based on a zero potentio free contact, all these with ON / OFF delay timings. Additionally, these controllers can also have provision give a 24V DC output signal when the sensor gives it a signal. This is useful in case air is used in a bowl feeder and needs to be switched off through a pneumatic valve when the bowl feeder is not running. In fact, for these controllers, even two sensor signals can be used (this is useful in case the bowl feeder has two tracks.

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