Elscint recently manufactured and supplied an equipment for feeding of tablets onto a conveyor for vision inspection. The requirement was to feed various sizes and dimensions of tablets, right from dia 10 mm x 5 mm to dia 30 mm x 10 mm and capsules upto 5 mm x 30 mm length. At one time, only a single type of tablet was to be fed. However, the customer did not want any changeover. The loading capacity required was 50 ltrs. While a total of 12 outlets were required. Hence, Elscint proposed its linear vibrator Model IV with a 350 mm width tray and a hopper on top of the same. For easy movement of the tablets, the tray was divided into 3 parts, the first being a normal tray, the second being machined 12 rows of V type tracks of stainless steel, while the third one was again machined 12 rows of U type tracks made of aluminium, duly anodized. A speed of 400 tablets per row (12 rows) was achieved at full speed. The speed being variable, it could be adjusted as per requirement. The equipment was mounted on a single base plate and supplied to the customer. All the parts, including the hopper mounting pipes were made of stainless steel. .  You can watch the video of the same.

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