Elscint recently completed an eight vibratory bowl feeder order from a reputed OEM who is manufacturing an assembly machine for a leading automotive part manufacturer. All the parts to be fed were different and most were having very critical orientation. Especially one part (for which two bowl feeders were required) was a copper washer was very difficult to feed. The thickness of the washer was just 0.3 mm, having dimaeter 10 mm and it was curved on one side. The washer being very small, using a sensor to sense the same was not possible. Hence, overflow provision was required. Elscint provided not only the bowl feeder but a gravity track along with a pneumatic escapement to release one washer at a time. Similarly, another part was a metal washer, having thickness 0.5 mm with diameter of 15 mm. This too required gravity track and pneumatic escapement. However, sensing this component was possible and hence Elscint provided a sensor on the track to switch off the bowl feeder in case the track was full. This too was required in 2 numbers. Further, there was another washer which was having a different OD on the top and bottom, the difference between the two being just 0.5 mm. This required orientation in one particular direction. All these were having small sizes so Elscint used Model 160 for the same having a stainless steel cylindrical bowl having diameter 200 mm. The last bowl feeder was for housing which was required in two outlets. For this Model 250 EV was used with a cast aluminium bowl with double track and two gravity tracks. All these feeders were completed within 4 to 7 weeks, as some components were received late from the customer. Elscint completed all these bowl feeders and also installed and commissioned them at the customers premises.


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