Elscint recently manufactured a 100 ltr. hopper elevator which was used not only for accumulating and dumping of bulk components but also used for orientation and feeding of the parts to an assembly line conveyor. By using the elevator itself for orientation, Elscint eliminated the need for a vibratory bowl feeder. The parts being fed were forged parts (22 different varieties) having weights ranging from 60 gms to 150 gms.

Hopper –

A 100 Ltr. Hopper was designed with the loading height at about 600 mm from the ground level where the parts could be dumped. The Elevator Feeder carried the parts to a particular height before releasing them onto an outlet chute.

Orientation –

Most of the parts were oriented on the conveyor slats itself. However, some did pass through forward. Those were removed in the gravity chute which was attached to the elevator to carry the parts to the customer’s assembly line conveyor. A return tray was provided for these wrongly oriented parts to return back to the hopper for recirculation. PP slats with a proper profile was provided for the part orientation.

Safety –

The moving parts of the Elevator were completely enclosed and concealed as a safety precaution with a top see through polycarbonate cover with hinges for easy loading of parts into the elevator. The Gearbox was fitted with a torque arm with a limit switch to ensure that the motor would trip in case of overload. A sensor too was provided on the outlet chute so that in case the chute is full, the elevator could be switched off.

Construction –

The construction was in Aluminium Extruded sections and all the major parts were made of stainless steel. The cover was made in mild steel, duly powder coated. As with all Elscint equipment, the construction was rigid and modular with excellent build quality. You can watch the video of the Elevator.


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