Elscint recently manufactured a supplied an auto feeding system for feeding of plastic rings to centerless grinding machine. The requirement was to feed a small plastic ring having dia 7.5 mm x 4.6 mm thickness to the centerless grinding machine. The internal diameter was dia 3.2 mm. For feeding to the customer’s centerless grinding machine, the rings were required to be fed axially. As the diameter was more than the thickness, the tendency of the rings was to come in flat orientation. Elscint manufactured a special cylindrical design bowl having diameter of 200 mm made in stainless steel for this application. As the rings were having less thickness, there was also a tendency of their toppling over. However, the tooling developed by Elscint ensured that this did not happen and the rings were fed in a stack to the grinding machine. Additionally, a linear vibrator with a tubular chute was provided to take the rings upto the centreless grinding machine. This provided a constant pressure and push to the parts when they entered the grinding machine. The complete system was mounted on a stand with an height adjustment of (+/-) 100 mm to ensure that the outlet tube can be aligned to the machine work-rest at the customer’s place.

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