Elscint  recently manufactured a bowl feeder for orientating and feeding of two types of coffee cup. One was having a diameter of 37 mm x 24 mm ht with a small flange. The other cup was slightly smaller in size. The requirement was to feed the cups in rolling orientation. Speed required was 100 parts per minute. Elscint used a stainless steel step design bowl, mounted on Model 400 for this application. The cups used to come in any direction. However, Elscint turned most of the cups and used 90% of the cups coming up. Hence, the speed achieved was more than 150 cups per minute. The cups were oriented in “Flange up” orientation in the bowl and further twisted to make them “rolling”. Then they were carried further in a vertical gravity chute. 600 mm before the end of the vertical chute, the cups were singulated using the patented Elscint Escapement mechanism with a Festo make ADN series double acting cylinder. This ensured that only one cup was released at a time, on receipt of a signal from the customer’s end. Elscint provided the complete system including F/R/L, solenoid etc. making integration with the customer’s machine very easy and fast. You can watch the video of the equipment.