Elscint recently supplied 6 bowl feeders for various components of radiator cap. The parts to be fed was a rubber washer, 3 parts were various types of metal washers, one was a cup & the last one was an assembly of 4 parts. The washers were having a thickness of just 0.6 mm, making them difficult to feed as there was a tendency of overlapping of two parts. Elscint recommended two bowl feeders of Model 160, one of Model 400 for the assembled part and the balance Model 250. Out of these three Model 250 vibratory bowl feeders, one was a step bowl made of cast aluminium, one was a conical shape bowl fabricated in stainless steel while the last one was a outer track bowl, again fabricated in stainless steel. Depending upon the component profile, the correct type of bowl construction was planned. All the bowls were coated with Elscinthane PU coating to ensure less noise as well as better performance and life. Out of the two Model 160 bowls, one was a step bowl made of cast aluminium with stainless steel tooling while the other was a conical one made fabricated in stainless steel. The Model 400 bowl feeder for the assembled part was a step type bowl made of cast aluminium with stainless steel tooling. In all cases, gravity track / chute was provided with a mounting base plate. A sensor was mounted on the chute to ensure that the bowl feeder is switched off once the chute was full. As against a requirement of 20 parts per minute, Elscint achieved a feed rate of between 60 to 100 for the various parts. All the bowl feeders were dispatched within a time frame of 6 weeks as per the requirement of the customer.