Elscint recently manufactured and exported a bowl feeder for an medical application to France. There were two components to be fed in the same bowl feeder, namely, Protecteur and Protecteur Long. Elscint manufactured tooling in such a way that there was no changeover at all. Both the components could be interchanged without any changeover. The requirement being a medical one, was that all the parts were to be made in stainless steel. Hence, the hopper too was to be made of stainless steel along with the mounting brackets, which were made from stainless steel square tubes. There was a noise enclosure, which too was made in stainless steel with medical grade acoustic foam inside. There was a level controller to ensure activation of the hopper. The noise enclosure was provided with a polycarbonate cover. The hopper too was provided with a similar cover. The mounting plate too was of stainless steel. A linear vibrator was provided ahead of the bowl feeder with a pneumatic singulator at the end. The singulator ensured a single component was singled out for pick up. SMC make pneumatics, including valve, F/R/L & cylinders were used. All the parts of the singulator too were made in stainless steel. Further, for the hopper, bowl feeder and linear vibrator, a single, multiple duty, electronic controller, namely, EMCP12 was used. EMCP12 is a digital controller with the provision for programming as well as air blow settings. The complete equipment was packed and dispatched by air freight to the customer in France. You can watch the video of the equipment.