Elscint recently manufactured and exported a bowl feeder to South Africa for small bushes with a flange on one side. The bushes were of size flange diameter 14 x bottom diameter 10 mm x 6.7 mm ht. Two outlets were required with different orientation for each of these outlets. The orientation required was the flange to be facing each other. A particular centre distance too was required to be maintained between the two outlets. Again the scope included gravity chutes with sensors on each of these parts with a mounting base plate. As against required speed / feed rate of 15 parts per minute, Elscint achieved a speed of 100 parts per minute per outlet. As usual Elscinthane PU coating was provided on the bowl feeders to ensure that the bushes were not damaged due to constant rubbing on the metal bowl surface. The bowl was made of stainless steel. The gravity chutes too were machined out of stainless steel. The bowl feeder was completed before the committed delivery time and shipped to South Africa. You can watch the video of the bush feeder.