Elscint recently supplied a special vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of condoms in 2 rows. The speed or feed rate achieved was 75 condoms per minute per row in 2 rows. Elscint Model 400 was used for this purpose. Further a 800 mm long double track linear vibrator (Model Elscint II) was used to convey the condoms forward. The major problem with condoms is that they are rubbery and lubricated, making them slippery. This results in the speed being very less as the friction between the condoms and the bowl track is reduced, which does not allow them to move forward properly. However, Elscint provided a special type of bowl made of stainless steel for this purpose. Full welding was done at all areas to ensure that there were no crevices for dust accumulation. Another important point is that the mounting of the bowl has to be from outside to ensure that dust does not get accumulated in holes made for the screws required for bowl fixing. Hence, Elscint ensured the mounting was on the outer side on 12 screws. There being 2 outlets, proper overflow of parts was required and this too was taken care off.  The condoms being in various shapes, another possibility is that of overlapping and jamming. However, Elscint has perfected appropriate tooling for this type of bowl which eliminates this problem totally. Thus the feeding is very smooth without any overlapping or jamming. The fabricated bowl was having a diameter of more than 800 mm. Additionally, Elscint provided the complete system on a stand along with a hopper for extra loading capacity as the capacity of the bowl was limited. You can watch the video of this bowl feeder for feeding of condoms.