Elscint recently manufactured a bowl feeder for big plastic caps. There were two types of caps, one having diameter 51 mm x 50 m ht.  while the other was having diameter 47 x 33 mm ht. Both the caps need to be fed in open side facing ground orientation at a speed of 120 caps per minute. The scope of supply was a vibratory bowl feeder, gravity chute with auto-switch off mechanism and a single post stand to mount the above. There was a tendency for the top lead of one of the caps of coming out. Hence, Elscint provided an arrangement to remove the caps and leads which were disengaged and a tray with mounting arrangement was provided to collect the same. The dimensions of the caps were such that they would come in axial direction and hence airjets were required for ensuring that they change their orientation. Further, the percentage of  wrongly oriented caps was almost 30% and hence, instead of removing them by allowing them to fall back into the bowl, Elscint took them forward in another track and twisted them. Thereafter, they joined back into the main track. This helped achieve the required speed.