Elscint recently manufactured a vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of plastic douser cover for a customer in Switzerland. The requirement was to feed the parts at a speed of 44 parts per minute per outlet in a correctly oriented condition. The customer already had a German bowl feeder which was doing the job at a speed of around 50 parts per minute per outlet with the use of air jets for orientation. However, Elscint managed to achieve a speed of 90 parts per minute per outlet without the use of air for orientation. The part was assembled in a medical device and hence the requirement was very stringent. Elscint provided outer fixing for the bowl to ensure that there was no screw inside the bowl. Further the covers of the linear tracks were to be fixed with hex screws. The linear track covers too were to be fixed with easily removable screws. Additionally, there was a requirement for a gate for easily empting the bowl feeder. All the material for manufacturing was to be in stainless steel with the mounting plate in aluminium. The vibratory bowl feeder as well as the linear vibrator too was covered in stainless steel from all sides. The controller provided was a digital one, namely EMCP12 which combines controllers for vibratory bowl feeder, linear vibrator and hopper in a single box with programming facility. Elscint Model 250D EV was used along with Linear Vibrator Model Elscint I. You can watch the video of this bowl feeder for feeding of the plastic douser