Elscint recently completed an eight vibratory bowl feeder order from a reputed machine builder. The machine builder was building a machine to assembly 12 parts of a faucet. All the parts were of plastic and of various shapes and sizes. Top cap and certain other parts were easy to orient but some like the “main body” and “nozzle” were most difficult as there was no way to hold the same. Further, along with each bowl feeder, a linear track of suitable length was supplied with auto-switch off mechanism dn mounting arrangement. The customer was mounting all the bowl feeders on his machine and hence each one was supplied on a base plate. A non-vibrating portion at the end of the linear track was provided for each unit to ensure that the customer’s pick and place mechanism could pick up the same easily without any accompanied vibrations. For ease of the customer, Elscint supplied 5 systems within 6 weeks of the order and balance after 12 weeks when rest of the assembly machine of the customer was ready.

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