Elscint recently supplied a special set of vibratory bowl feeders for feeding of glass in 12 rows. The speed or feed rate achieved was 75 Ampoules per minute per row in 12 rows. Two Elscint Model 630 vibratory bowl feeders were used for this purpose, each feeding 6 rows. The ampoules where oriented in base forward direction and outlets were provided in tubes. Stainless Steel flexible spring tubes were provided for each of the outlets. Elscint outer track bowls were fabricated in stainless steel. As the Ampoules were made of glass, there was a possibility of the Ampoules breaking while falling down in the bowl. Hence, Elscint provided FDA approved white colour Elscinthane PU coating for the bowl to ensure that even if they fall, there would not be any breakage. Additionally tooling was provided to reduce the fall of the Ampoules as they fall down. The bowls were pretty large in size (each one approximately 1200 mm in diameter).