It’s always nice to get a positive customer testimonial, especially one from an overseas customer. Elscint exported a double outlet feeding system for springs to the USA in October, 2014, details about the same were mentioned in the January Elscint Ahead Newsletter. The President of the company, Alfonso Jaramillo has written recently written to us –

“I am extremely happy with the performance of the Elscint feeding system. Elscint Automation has given us the ability to speed up our spring grinding system 600% and the process is now almost automatic with the exception of placing a box of springs into the vibratory feeder. We applaud Monish for his persistent effort in finding a way to accomplish this. We are very enthusiastic about our new machine we will for sure do more business with Elscint Automation in the near future.”

You can watch the video of the equipment working in his factory.

It is also important to note that a lot of bowl feeder manufacturers in the USA had expressed their inability to develop this system due to the fact that the springs had a tendency to entangle and also singulating them was not easy. But this was achieved with the patented Elscint Pneumatic Escapement, which can be seen in the video.