Elscint recently manufactured & supplied a complete feeding system for two types of rivets, delta rivet and normal rivet. The dimensions of the parts were around 18 x 25 mm (ht) and 15 x 23 mm (ht) respectively. Further in each type of rivet, there was a different rivet having extra height of 2 mm. One type of rivet was supposed to run in the system at one time and wrong rivet, if any, was supposed to be ejected out. The complete system consisted of two extra capacity elevator feeders of 75 ltr. capacity each for feeding each of these two rivets, two separate bowl feeders for feeding and orienting of the rivets, 4 linear vibrators, singling and checking systems. All this was mounted on a table big enough to even accommodate the robot of the customer. The elevators were kept outside the table. A see through acrylic cover was provided on the table to act as noise as well as dust enclosure. Limit switches were provided for each door opening. Even the elevator was covered with acrylic covers. Each feeding system had two linear vibrators. At the end of the first linear vibrator, there was a sensor to check the height of the rivet. If an incorrect size of rivet was fed, the same was removed into a bin with the help of a 3 stage pneumatic cylinder. The cylinder would travel backwards and release the incorrect rivet into a bin. In case of correct rivet, the cylinder used to travel forward and convey the rivet onto the 2nd linear vibrator which would take the rivet forward. At the end of the linear vibrator, there was a Singulating cylinder which moved the rivet 20 mm sideways for ease of pick up by the scara robot. Another customer requirement was “fast draining” in case change in the rivet size. For this, pneumatically operated gates were provided in the hopper elevator, the bowl and at the end point of the last linear vibratory track. This ensured fast draining of components within 60 seconds. Additionally, all the drains emptied in the same bin at the bottom of the hopper elevators, thus eliminating the need of the operator to go into the enclosure. The customer exported the machine to Turkey.