Elscint recently supplied a large vibratory bowl feeder for large plastic caps to a company in Israel. There were two types of caps, one having diameter of 90 mm and one having diameter of 60 mm. The feed rate or speed required was 50 caps per minute for each of them. Elscint provided separate changeover tooling for these two sizes and the speed achieved was 60 caps per minute for the bigger size caps and 80 caps per minute for the dia 60 mm caps. The orientation required was open side facing ground and the same was achieved. Additionally, Elscint provided a gravity chute with an auto-switch off mechanism along with a stopper for the caps. A pressing conveyor too was included as part of the complete equipment. Model VBF 630 with a stainless steel bowl having diameter of almost 1100 mm was used for this purpose and the same was delivered to Israel by air freight. As against a committed delivery time of 6 weeks, Elscint completed the order in less than 4 weeks.

You can watch the video of this bowl feeder for feeding of the small dia 60 mm caps and for the one for the dia 90 mm caps

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