Elscint recently completed an assignment wherein the requirement was to feed 40 types of components of various dimensions. The parts being carbide inserts, which, though small were very heavy. They required orientation and additionally, some inserts were having diameter more than length, some having diameter equal to length and some length more than diameter. Hence, Elscint provided a total of 4 bowls with changeover tooling for each of these. In most cases, the lot sizes were small and hence, a small bowl feeder (Model 250 with bowl diameter of around 400 mm) was used. This made bowl as well as tooling replacement very easy. The lot sizes in most cases too were less and this made the small bowl convenient. For higher lot sizes, Elscint provided a 50 ltr. Hopper feeder which could accommodate the larger quantity. Further, having a hopper feeder ensured that the bowl feeder was always having only a certain number of components, so that the load on the vibrator was constant in all cases, providing a constant feed. Elscint also provided a linear vibrator with tubes to accommodate different sizes of components for further feeding to the centreless grinding machine. This provided a constant pressure and push to the parts when they entered the grinding machine. The bowl was coated with Elscinthane PU coating, ensuring that the noise level was less by eliminating the metal to metal contact between the stainless steel bowl and the carbide inserts.