Elscint recently manufactured a vibratory bowl feeding system for feeding grading and blow feeding of hex bolts of the size M8 x 39 mm having a flange. The diameter of the flange was to be checked. In case of oversize or undersize flange, the bolt had to be rejected and only the correct size of bolts had to be blow fed through two separate tubes to two separate stations 5 meters away. Elscint used Model 400 vibratory bowl feeder with a cast aluminium bowl with Elscinthane coating which has a loading capacity of 30 kgs for feeding of the bolts. Thereafter, segregation of the bolts with respect to the undersize and oversize flange was done by using two counter rotating rollers. These rollers ensured that the undersized and oversize bolts fell into separate bins earmarked for the same. The correct size of bolts were then singulated and blow fed through proper flexible tubes to the required stations (two numbers). For this pneumatic cylinders were used with a fixture which ensured that each of the stations was fed on receipt of the required signal from the end of the customer. The whole equipment was mounted on a table as per the requirement of the customer. The complete electrical and pneumatic system was manufactured by Elscint and supplied to the customer. Even commissioning of the equipment was undertaken at the customer’s end.