Elscint recently manufactured a bowl feeder for feeding of cellphone charging pins. The requirement was not only to feed the pins through a vibratory bowl feeder but also to singulate them and keep them ready for pickup by a robot at a centre distance of 60 mm in lengthwise manner. Elscint used a Model 250 EV vibratory bowl feeder with a cast aluminium bowl with Elscinthane coating. The tooling was made in stainless steel. The bowl had a capacity of storing approximate 2500 pins and a linear vibrator with 400 mm long track. Thereafter, two pneumatic slides were used to ensure that the gap between two parts was exactly 60 mm. Proper sensors and reed switches were used to ensure this. The cycle time achieved was 15 x 2 parts per lift, which was more than the requirement of the customer. SMC make pneumatics were used as specified by the customer. The complete system was given on a stand which had an adjustment of (+/-) 100 mm as per the requirement of the customer. Additionally a level control with a tower lamp indicator was provided to ensure that the operator gets to know once the bowl is getting empty. Additionally Frequency Controllers were provided for both the bowl feeder as well as the linear vibrator as the customer’s factory is situated in a place where the power situation is bad and hence regular use of diesel genset is a must. Elscint Frequency Controllers, EFQC3 & EFQC1.5 respectively for the bowl feeder and the linear vibrator ensured that such disruptions do not affect the output and efficiency of the equipment.