Elscint has developed a special type of bowl for feeding of “O” Rings of various sizes with very less changeover. “O” Rings having diameter from dia 5 mm to 60 mm and thickness from 0.8 mm to 5 mm can be fed in bowl. A special type of conical bowl is used for this wherein the “O” Rings are fed in bulk. The special design of the bowl ensures that even though the “O” Rings travel in bulk, they are segregated and singled out at the top of the bowl. This ensures that at the outlet position, only a single row of “O” Rings comes out. A special window makes “overflow” of the “O” Rings possible. This eliminates the possibility of any jamming of the “O” Rings while they flow from the bowl to the gravity or the linear track ahead. In a recently supplied bowl feeder for similar “O” Rings, which was supplied o Switzerland, Elscint additionally provided a gravity track with an pneumatic escapement mechanism to singulate and dispense a single “O” Ring at a time. The track was made of tool steel, hardened and ground and then nickel plated. In another bowl feeder for “O” Rings, also supplied recently, where the end customer was in Italy, a small horizontal linear track was provided with a non-vibrating portion at the end of the track for the part pick up by a pick and place unit. You can watch the video of this bowl feeder for feeding of the small “O” Rings and for the bigger size “O” Rings.