Elscint recently completed an order for feeding of components related to the stationary industry. One set was for rivets having head dia 9.5 mm x 9 mm ht. which needed to be fed in orientation of “head down”. The requirement was for 4 outlets with a speed of 60 parts per minute per outlet. Hence, Elscint supplied two bowl feeders, each with two outlets and a single 4 track linear vibrator for feeding these in a total of 4 tracks. Both the bowl feeders were mounted on a single base plate making it easy for the customer to integrate the same with his machine. Overflow provision i.e. ensuring that in case any of the tracks is stopped, the balance rivets fall back into the bowl, was ensured in case of each of the four rows. The bowls were coating with Elscinthane PU coating to ensure the noise level was less and additionally diminishing the chances of any damage or discolouring of the rivets due to continuous movement on the metallic surface of the bowl. Elscint could achieve a speed in excess of 250 rivets per minute per row. There being sensors on the linear track to switch off the bowl feeder, the excess speed was automatically adjusted with the customer’s machine. The bowl too was designed in such a way that 10 kgs of rivets could be accommodate in the bowl at any given time. You can watch the video of this equipment.