Elscint has developed a lot of expertise in manufacturing vibratory bowl Feeders for blood bag components. The main requirement is for feeding of parts like port cap and slip ring, which go into the blood bag as well as saline bags. Orientation and feeding of the port cap is difficult due to the fact that they part is flexible and can turn or twist in any direction. Similarly, the slip ring too is flexible and extremely small. Further, there are various types of slip rings (six of them in this case). This makes it quite difficult to orient and secondly, getting the required speed / feed rate is a challenge. However, Elscint has developed a very modular design for its bowl which makes it easy to achieve high speed. Further, being medical parts, a medical grade bowl made of stainless steel with proper welding and polishing is required. Along with this, Elscint provides a European make controller for controlling the speed of the vibratory feeder. Frequency as well as voltage controllers can be provided as per the customer specifications.