Recently, a customer approached Elscint, the leading vibratory bowl feeder manufacturer from India for feeding of small 8 pins having diameter of just dia 2.2 and length varying between 3 mm to 10 mm. All the pins had one end flat while the other end was slightly tapered. The customer wanted all these to be fed in the same bowl feeder with the least possible change over time. Elscint provided a solution with its Model 100 Vibratory bowl feeder with 8 changeover bowls. A separate bowl was made for each of the pins. The bowl was replaceable with a single M6 screw making the changeover fast and easy for the operator. All the bowls were fabricated from stainless steel and had a diameter of 130 mm. The vibratory bowl feeder used was Model 100 which is having a 15 VA rating and is full wave in operation. Due to its full wave operation, the current consumption is very less and it can work for 24 hours continuously. Additionally each of the bowls had a separate outlet chute attached to it, further making the changeover process easier. You can watch the video of the Elscint Bowl feeder for feeding the pointed pins.