Elscint has developed a high speed Vibratory Bowl Feeder for feeding of rollers of dia 6 mm with 20 mm length. A special cast aluminium bowl has been developed for this. The bowl is mounted on the Elscint vibratory drive Model 250. A very high speed can be achieved with this vibratory bowl feeder. Maximum speeds of 16 meters per minute (800 Pcs per Minute for 20 mm length rollers) can be achieved very easily on this bowl. Output tube is provided so that the rollers can be used wherever required. The cast aluminium bowl is lined with Elscinthane Polyurethane spray bowl lining which helps the rollers to be fed properly. As the Elscinthane lining has very high shore hardness, it increases the life of the bowl tremendously. A 200 kg stock hopper with a level controller is provided for increasing the loading capacity. This ensures continous manless operation of the equipment for longer times. The stock hopper is mounted on a Elscint Linear Vibrator Model Elscint II which has a start stop provision based on the quantity of rollers in the bowl. As the quantity goes down, the linear vibrator starts, thus loading the rollers into the bowl. Once the preset level is reached, it stops automatically.

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