Elscint recently manufactured a vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of aluminium tubes of various sizes. There were a total of 4 tubes. However, in all the tubes, the diameter was more than the length. The diameters ranged from dia 41 mm to dia 45 mm and the heights of the tubes were from 29 mm to 32 mm. The orientation required was “rolling”. Elscint tooled the bowl in such a manner than there was no changeover required at all for all these sizes. For accommodating a large quantity of tubes, Model 630 with a bowl having diameter of 1100 mm was used. The bowl was fabricated in stainless steel and coated with Elscinthane polyurethane coating in order to reduce the metal to metal contact between the tubes and the metallic bowl. In order to further reduce the noise level, a mild steel noise enclosure was provided lined with acoustic foam with a top acrylic removable cover for loading of the tubes into the bowl. A gravity chute was provided to take the aluminium tubes upto the chamfering machine of the customer. The complete assembly was mounted on a heavy fabricated single post stand having an adjustment of (+/-) 200 mm. The order was for 2 sets and they were shipped within the committed delivery time to South Africa.