Elscint recently supplied a vibratory feeding and stacking system for lapping operation of a very small component having diameter 5 mm x 2.82 mm height with a small boss having dia 2 on one side. The requirement was to stack this component on a Hylem Plate having diameter 190 mm. The stacked Hylem Plate was required to be transferred onto the lapping machine for further operation. Until now, the components were stacked manually and loaded onto the lapping machine. The component being very small, this used to take a lot of time. Hence, Elscint supplied a feeding solution where the parts were loaded and oriented in a vibratory bowl feeder, namely Model 160 with a cast aluminum bowl with Elscinthane PU coating. Thereafter the parts were transferred to another vibratory drive on which the hylem plate and a hylem ring on top of the plate were mounted through a small linear vibrator. The components would automatically get stacked inside the hylem ring on the hylem plate. A quick mounting and removal arrangement was provided for the hylem plate and ring whereby they could be removed easily for transfer to the lapping machine. A top acrylic dust cover too was provided. At a speed of more than 180 parts per minute, the hylem ring would get completely stacked in less than 8 minutes, automating the operation.

A sensor to ensure that the equipment switches off once the hylem ring is completely stacked too was provided. The complete system was mounted on a table giving a complete solution for the customer. You can watch the video of the equipment.