Elscint manufactures a vibratory counting and dispensing system for small screws. A major problem faced by a lot of automobile manufacturers is that a particular number of screws need to be fixed on an engine / automobile. However, a lot of times, the operators forget to fix the required number of screws on the engine / automobile. This results in a big quality problem as there is no way to detect this once the engine is assembled. To resolve this problem, Elscint has developed a vibratory screw counting and dispensing system wherein a set number of screws is always dispensed on pressing of a button or foot valve. The dispensing can also be activated by sensing the hand of the operator as soon as he puts his hand to collect the screws. This ensures the operator gets the required number of screws and is able to fix those. The chances of is forgetting to fix one or two screws is eliminated as he gets the required number of screws in his hand / bin and further dispensing does not take place unless all these screws are utilized. This system is very useful for all automobile manufacturers as well as those who use similar assembly procedures. Depending upon the size of the screws, a suitable model of Elscint vibratory bowl feeder is used. The equipment comes along with a stand, dispensing chute with bin, electrical and pneumatic controls. There is an additional sensor on the dispensing chute which switches off the vibratory feeder when the chute is full. This ensures that in case the assembly line is not working due to some reason, the operator does not have to switch off the entire system. Once he presses the foot pedal / button / places his hand for collection, the cycle commences once again automatically. Further, a level control is provided to give signal once the level of screws in the bowl reduces to ensure replenishment on time. Poka yoke too is provided to ensure that even in case where there are less or no screws to dispense, the dispensing does not take place even after pressing the foot pedal / button / hand signal. The number of screws which need to be dispensed in one lot can be changed by the operator, in case the requirement changes in the future.

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