Elscint recently completed an order for an innovative feeding system for feeding of ball pins of various sizes. The ball pins were having lengths from 40 mm to 120 mm and having wt. from 46 gms to 450 gms. In fact, the wt. at the head and bottom for two types of ball pins were the same making them difficult to orient. However, Elscint provided a single vibratory bowl feeder for feeding all these types with minimal changeover tooling. Additionally, as the vibratory feeder was pretty big (Model 630 with a bowl diameter of almost 1 mtr), Elscint provided a noise enclosure for reduction in the noise level (the noise level reduced from 88 Db without the enclosure to just 74 Db with the enclosure), a single post stand with (+/-) 200 mm adjustment as well as a gravity chute with a linear vibrator attached to it. The customer required the ball pins to be fed one at a time so a pneumatic escapement was provided along with a time to activate the same. The ball pins were taken forward in a tube with the tail forward. Speeds from 60 parts per minute to 120 parts per minute were achieved depending upon the size of the ball pins.