Elscint has introduced a bulk loading elevator feeder for metallic small parts. This is available in widths of 150mm, 200 mm, 300 mm and 400 mm and has hopper capacities ranging from 75 litres to 200 litres. The construction is made in aluminium extruded sections of suitable size. Height of the elevator is adjustable along with the degree of inclination. This makes the Elscint Elevator very versatile and useful for all types of industries where bulk feeding of light metallic parts is required to vibratory bowl feeder. There is a fabricated bin which encases a modular plastic inclined conveyor belt. Elevator Feeder is controlled by a level sensor mounted on the elevator itself. This provides a start / stop operation, thus resulting in increased efficiency of the downstream equipment like vibratory bowl feeder as well as centrifugal / rotary feeders. The geared motor which is used is model DM 52, which is of Elscint make, directly mounted, with suitable reduction ratio giving the required belt speed. Variable speed controller can also be provided in case of need, providing more flexibility to the end user. As this is a very versatile product, most parts are kept in stock and deliveries are fast. The price too is very competitive.