Feeding of parts made of rubber, especially those having no particular geometry like condoms is difficult. However, Elscint has developed a special vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of condoms. The speed or feed rate required was 100 condoms per minute. Elscint used it’s model 400 for the same. Also provided were a linear track having length of 500 mm and a single post stand for mounting the bowl feeder and the linear vibrator. A (+/-) 100 mm height adjustment was provided for the stand. The major problem with condoms is that they are rubbery and lubricated, making them slippery. This results in the speed being very less as the friction between the condoms and the bowl track is reduced, which does not allow them to move forward properly. However, Elscint provided special polyurethane coating for the bowl, namely Elscinthane, which generated the required friction and helped the condoms move forward fast and the required feeding rates were easily achieved. The condoms being in various shapes, another possibility is that of overlapping and jamming. However, Elscint provided appropriate tooling for the cast aluminium bowl which was used to eliminate this problem totally. Thus the feeding was very smooth without any overlapping or jamming.