Feeding of heavy parts requires not only innovative thinking but also vibratory drives of excellent build quality. Elscint recently manufactured a vibratory parts feeder for an overseas customer wherein a very heavy brass part having a weight of 850 grams was fed. The speed was very low, just 2 part per minute but the size of the components was large (110 mm in length x 80 mm in width). There were a total of two parts, almost similar but one having less length of 90 mm. The width of that part too was less by 20 mm. Elscint recommended a Elscint 400 HD vibratory feeder having a stainless steel bowl with a diameter of almost 900 mm. This model has a capacity of 40 kgs and hence around 50 parts could be accommodated in the same. Further Elscint provided Elscinthane polyurethane coating on the complete bowl including the tooling parts to ensure that the noise level was minimized. Elscinthane polyurethane lining has not only a very high life but also ensures longer life for the bowl. Further it has excellent dampening properties, reducing the noise level drastically. Elscint completed this job in just under 4 weeks (including delivery at the customer‘s works in Australia).