Feeding of very small parts is always a challenge, especially if there is orientation involved in the same. Elscint recently completed a project for an overseas customer wherein a very small brass cap having diameter of just dia 3 mm, was required to be fed with the open side facing sky. Thereafter, the cap was to be conveyed on a belt conveyor for vision inspection. Elscint supplied a complete system to the customer including air jet system to throw out the defective parts. The customer had to just mount his vision camera and program the software. He had to provide a 24V DC signal to thrown out the defective parts. The rest of the system was designed and completed by Elscint. Further the system was to be kept in an explosive atmosphere. Hence, Elscint provided a pneumatic motor for the conveyor and the complete electrical panel was housed in a flame proof control box. The vibrator too was made flame proof.  The Vibratory Bowl Feeder too was a very small one having a diameter of 130 mm. This equipment was supplied to a customer in Iran.

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