The Switchgear industry requires feeding of small thin silver contacts. To this end, Elscint has developed a special and small vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of these thin silver contacts. The size of the silver contacts in a recently completed bowl feeder was 4 mm x 3.2 mm and the thickness was only 0.50 mm. Elscint used a very small vibratory bowl feeder having a bowl of diameter 110 mm and designed the outlet chute in such a way that any parts coming over one another were re-circulated back into the bowl. Further the customer required the outlet chute at an angle of 35 degrees. This too was achieved in the specially designed outlet track. Further a small X-Y table with a 15 mm adjustment on each side and a small height adjustment stand having a (+/-) 50 mm adjustment on either side was provided. The height adjustment stand provided is a standard one which is having a modular design. Due to these standard parts, ordering a vibratory bowl feeder from Elscint becomes very easy and helpful solution for machine builders as well as end users.

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