Feeding of small plastic cuvettes is very difficult, firstly as the parts are very light and do not have any place to hold them for orientation. Secondly, these being medical parts, a fully stainless steel bowl made from 316L grade is required and further it requires easy removal to ensure it can be autoclaved. Elscintrecently completed an order for feeding of plastic cuvettes for a European bowl feeder manufacturer. The manufacturer found the part very difficult to orient and to achieve the required high speed and hence he outsourced the complete vibratory bowl feeder, including the vibratory drive and the controller to Elscint. As it was for a medical application, Elscint used a conical bowl with outside mounting arrangement from the sides. As the part to be fed was a pharmaceutical one, the bowl was full argon welded in such a manner that there was no crevice or gap anywhere as it can result in dust accumulating over there. Elscint used a very innovative idea for orienting of the component and the speed achieved was more than double the required one. Elscint also provided door delivery by air freight upto the European bowl feeder’s works in the price. You can watch the video of this equipment.

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