Feeding of light plastic parts is always a challenge and use of air jets is a given, especially for parts which are difficult to orient. Elscint, recently completed an order which required two toothpaste covers to come out side by side in the same orientation. The parts being plastic and with very less dimensional differences between all the sides, the orientation and feeding too was complicated. However, Elscint took it up as a challenge for the customer, who was located in Dubai. Two Model 250 EV vibratory bowl feeders were used, one clockwise and one anti-clockwise. As the orientation required at the outlet was the same, the orientation tooling in each of the bowls had to be made differently to match with their clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Against a required speed of 40 parts per minute, Elscint achieved a speed of 50 to 55 parts per minute. Additionally, a single linear track of 800 mm length with both the chutes mounted on it was used to convey the parts forward. Elscint used air jet system to orient the parts. A table made of aluminium extruded sections mounted on castor wheels too was provided. You can watch the video of this equipment.