Feeding of small parts is always a challenge, especially if the orientation required is critical and where the diameter is the same as the height. Elscint recently manufactured a small bowl feeder for a very small part. The part was having a diameter of 3 mm and the ht. too was just 3 mm. There was a small hole one side. The orientation required was to get the parts axially with the hole trailing. The customer had a German make bowl feeder in which only 50% of the parts were coming out correctly oriented. The customer had to install and operate a very complicated and costly system to check the orientation of each part and to reverse the same. Elscint provided him with a solution wherein the parts were not only correctly oriented but the speed too was 70 pieces per minute, much higher than the German bowl feeder. This helped the customer to remove his costly orientation checking system and replace the German bowl feeder with the Elscint     one.