Feeding of condoms creates a lot of problems for most bowl feeder manufacturers. However, Elscint has developed a high speed condom feeding bowl feeder. The speed or feed rate required was 100 condoms per minute. Speed or feed rate of 100 parts per minute is possible. Output can be in 1 to 4 rows, making it easier for packing or checking. The major problem with condoms is that they are rubbery and lubricated, making them slippery. This results in the speed being very less as the friction between the condoms and the bowl track is reduced, which does not allow them to move forward properly. However, Elscint provides a special type of polyurethane coating for the bowl, namely Elscinthane, which generates the required friction and helps the condoms to move forward fast thus achieving the required feeding rates. The condoms being in various shapes, another possibility is that of overlapping and jamming. However, Elscint provides appropriate tooling  to eliminate this problem totally. Thus the feeding is very smooth without any overlapping or jamming.