Feeding of parts having no exact geometry or dimensions is difficult, especially while making a gravity chute or linear track. Such a component can be raw cashews. However, Elscint has developed a special vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of raw cashews. The cashews being raw and fresh have a lot of variation in their sizes. The sizes vary from 20 mm length to 40 mm length, width from 15 mm to 25 mm and height from 8 mm to 14 mm. Due to this huge variation, there is always a possibility of jamming. The orientation provided is lengthwise and a speed or feed rate of 100 parts per minute could be achieved. Elscint has designed a special type of tooling which ensures that all these sizes can be accommodated in a single bowl feeder and a speed of 100 parts per minute was possible. A cast aluminium bowl is used with Elscinthane PU coating. This increases not only the life of the bowl but also improves the performance drastically. A gravity chute with a sensor in the same was is provided as an optional accessory for conveying the cashews from the bowl feeder to the next operation. Once, the chute gets full of cashews, the vibrator is automatically switched off and switched on again once the chute becomes part empty. The tooling as well as the chute is made in stainless steel.