Feeding and orienting large plastic parts having very less weight is always a challenge. The parts being light, do not stand by themselves and even if they do stand, they tend to fall down due to vibrations. However, Elscint has found a way out. It recently completed the feeding of very light plastic containers in a bowl feeder. Elscint used a large bowl having a diameter of 1050 mm for this purpose. The drive unit used for the purpose was Elscint Model 630 having a rating of 1500 VA with half wave operation with four coils. The plastic containers were having size 55 mm x 85 mm x 20 mm with one side open. The requirement was to get the containers standing with open side facing sky, rotate them 360 degrees so that an air jet could be provided while the container was having orientation “open side facing ground” to remove dust from the same. Elscint completed this job with a stainless steel bowl with Elscinthane red colour coating. A speed of 60 pieces per minute was achieved. Elscint manufactured two identical bowls of this specification for the customer. The bowl feeders were exported to Australia.

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