Elscint Automation, the leading vibratory parts feeder manufacturer from India has developed a special vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of sintered parts. There were a total of three parts which needed to be fed through a single bowl feeder. Two of the parts were having a collar with the weight towards the bottom, making them easy to orient but the third and the most critical component was a tube type component which needed “standing” orientation but the weight was towards the top side, thus making it very difficult to orient. However, Elscint fulfilled this requirement and even arranged commissioning of the equipment at the customer’s place, proving all the three parts on the customer’s press. Along with the bowl feeder, Elscint provided a cubical stand, gravity chute, noise enclosure, Elsinthane coating for the bowl and a level controller for indication once the quantity of components in the bowl goes down. A speed of 100 pieces per minute was achieved for all these three components with very nominal and easy changeover tooling.