Vibratory bowl feeders are used in various assembly machines. One regular use is for for the assembly of screws with spring washers and plain washers. Elscint Automation ( manufactures such a machine. This machine consists of three vibratory bowl feeders, one feeding the screws, one the spring washers and the third one the plain washers. There is also a motorized rotary mechanism wherein the three parts (screw, spring washer and the plain washer get assembled. Further a linear vibrator is used to convey the assembled parts forward. This machine can be used for feeding the assembled screw and washers to a threading machine. An assembly speed of upto 200 pieces per minute is possible with this machine, depending upon the screw size. The machine has an additional provision to check and eliminate unassembled components. This ensures that only the correctly assembled components get fed to the threading machine. Sensors are used at four places to ensure smooth working of the assembly machine. This assembly machine works on single phase supply. A big advantage of the machine is its flexibility. Various sizes of screws from M3 to M10 can be fed through a single machine with a slight changeover. The changeover too has been designed in such a way that is very easy and convenient for even a layman to make the changeover fast.

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