Rings having diameter more than the height come out of a vibratory bowl feeder in “flat” orientation. However, for feeding to centreless grinding machines or honing machines, they are required to be fed in “axial” orientation. To resolve this problem, Elscint has developed a very special vibratory bowl feeder with a rotating attachment for feeding of various sizes of rings in axial manner. Rings having outer diameter from dia 20 mm to  dia 80 mm  and width from 5 mm to 40 mm can be fed through this in axial orientation. As the rings are big in size and high speed is required, Elscint Model 630 is used for this purpose with an extra motorized rotating arrangement after the bowl feeder for making the rings axial / lengthwise. The complete system consists of a Model 630 vibratory bowl feeder, a feeding pipe with a special rotating arrangement. A stand to mount this complete set up is included in the supply. Various types of rings in the range given above can be fed in the same part feeder by just changing the output tube and making minor adjustment in the bowl. The system further comes with its own control panel and a noise enclosure. The bowl too is coating with Elscinthane PU coating which gives it a very good life and improved performance and reduces the noise level.

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