Feeding of plastic pen caps is difficult as the plastic caps do not have anything to hold and secondly they are very light. However, Elscint (www.elscintautomation.com) has developed a unique Vibratory Bowl Feeder for feeding of pen caps. These pen caps are made of plastic and are light weight due to which orientation is very difficult as the open side has to come forward. In addition to this, there a small clip on one side which is required to be on top. Elscint has perfected the orientation of these parts and hence can provide feeding at a very high speed of even more than 100 pieces per minute (for the 40 mm length caps) with the correct orientation. The unique orientation concept perfected by Elscint is provided at two places to ensure that even a single wrongly oriented component does not come out of the bowl. Additionally, a gravity chute is provided, where too the clip does not lose its orientation. Elscint has used a cast aluminium bowl with its popular Elscinthane PU coating in green colour. The tooling is made in stainless steel with full argon welding.