Feeding of rubber bungs is required for most of the pharmaceutical machines for sealing of bottles. Quality and aesthetics are of major essence as well as the speed or the feed rate of feeding the rubber bungs. Elscint has achieved all of these in this vibratory bowl feeder. Additionally, the bowl has been designed in such a way, that removal is very quick (as is required for auto-cleaving). Elscint makes these types of pharmaceutical compliant bowls in stainless steel grade 316 and the shape is conical. The fabrication and welding of these bowls is very critical. However, Elscint’s skilled engineers and technicians make it possible. The welding is seamless and the bowl is buffed to provide a mirror finish to go along with the machine manufacturer’s equipment which also is buffed. The cover too is made of stainless steel and is screwed to the vibratory drive. Speeds upto 800 parts per minute can be offered, depending upon the size of the rubber bungs. The sizes of the bowls are pretty compact making it easy to remove for auto-cleaving. For additional loading quantity, a hopper can be provided