Elscint has developed a unique feeding system for feeding of brake liners of various sizes. The brake liners are semi circular and having various diameters and sizes, upto dia 120 mm or even more. All these can be fed through this unique system. This equipment consists of an Elscint Vibratory Hopper Feeder for bulk loading, two Elscint Linear Vibratory Feeders and an Elscint Belt Elevator Feeder. The speed of operation or the feed rate can be upto 60 pieces per minute in an oriented manner. This Speed can be varied through a potentiometer. Sensors are provided to synchronize the speed of the various components listed above. The Elscint Elevator Feeder is used for recirculation of unused parts. A special orientation device is used for orientation of the Brake Liners. Upto 75 litres of material (by volume) can be loaded in the Vibratory Hopper, which acts as a stock feeder. This makes the system totally manless. There are many advantages of this system as compared to a plain vanilla vibratory bowl feeder, namely, you can get higher speeds / feed rates, bigger size components can be fed, larger loading capacity is possible and various sizes of brake liners can be fed with negligible changeover. This system also provides more flexibility vis-a -vis a vibratory bowl feeder.