Automatic feeding of components to centreless grinding machines is very important in order to get the correct quality and consistency in the ground components. For this purpose, Elscint manufacturers a vibratory feeding system for feeding of small parts like pins, rollers, bushes, shafts etc. to centreless grinding machines. The advantage of this feeding system is that the components are fed at a continuous pressure. This leads to better and consistent quality of ground components. Another advantage is that it becomes a totally manless operation which results in one person looking after three to four machines. The output too increases tremendously as due to automatic feeding, the feeding to the centreless grinding machine can go on even during lunchtime and breaks. The system consists of a vibratory bowl feeder and a linear vibrator ahead of that. A table is also provided to mount both these units. Optional accessories include equipment for extra loading capacity like silo, hopper type silo, stock hopper, elevator as well as a X-Y table for X and Y adjustment. This helps in fine adjustment to accommodate the various sizes of components plus is useful while dressing of the Grinding Machine Wheel.

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